sight & being a sunflower

Last week a sweet old lady came out of her appointment with one of our surgeons..sidenote I work in an ophthamologist office at TOSH..ride the elevator down to PT on my lunch and ice my leg..great time.

Anyway she came up to my desk and said “Oh sweetie, it is just SO wonderful to see.”
I laughed and told her she was absolutely right.

Maybe it’s working with eye surgeons all day or that cute lady’s expression of gratitude, but I’ve been much more aware of what I see, how I see it and where I look.

Exhibit A: Sunflowers. Bunga matahari.


They are everywhere this time of year and it’s the best. They have always been my favorite flower. I feel like they don’t try too hard to be pretty like other flowers but everyone still loves them.
That’s irrelevant. What I’m getting at is they look to the light. I want to be like that. We all should. Look toward light, whatever that is for you.


Elder Kolby Ashton sent me this picture from Russia. Sunflowers grow there too. Who knew. Pretty.

I have made a conscious effort to change my thoughts or my perspective when I feel myself getting discouraged or stressed out or judgmental or impatient or confused or prideful or anxious or exhausted or just plain cranky. Instead of letting those things kacau my day, I don’t. Huh. Easy.

Another thing about sunflowers, at least the ones I see here, is they just bloom where they’re planted. All flowers do I guess. But these ones spring up all over.

If I were a sunflower, I wouldn’t pick to live on the off ramp of I-215 on 3300 south, but there’s one flower I see all by itself every time I go home and it’s growing big and tall and pretty right there.
I love it and often feel the same way. You’re not where you want to be necessarily and there’s lots of craziness going on around you that’s out of your control..but you’re a sunflower, and you are capable of growing right here on 3300 south and Wasatch Boulevard and look good doing it.

Be thankful for the chance you have to grow, even when it’s hard and you feel like you’re the only one trying to bloom. You’re not alone. All the other flowers are trying too, they’re just in different places. And no matter where you are, you can always see the light.

Because you’re a sunflower. At least I am.

Realize how wonderful it is to see. To always be able to look toward the light when you need to warm up and get your photosynthesis on.

A little gratitude goes a long way. It’s really hard to be unhappy when you realize just how many blessings you have. So I’m counting them (literally) and seeing the goodness and beauty in myself and others and this big wide world we live in. Life is good, even when it’s hard. Especially then.
Put the shadows behind you and look to the light, macam bunga matahari.

Look and ye shall live right? How can we expect to be a light to others without the light and life of the world shining through us.

Flowers need light to grow and live.

We need scripture study and prayer. Every day.

Goodness will shine out of you if you do these things, it’s inevitable.

You’ll be the prettiest sunflower around.

I am going to love people for the light that is in them and see them only for those things that make them bright.

It is so wonderful to see, if we choose to see what is wonderful.




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