Hello friends.

So, as most of you know I am back in the U S of A and have been for about a week now. It’s still a little surreal. Maybe because I was only in Utah for 24 hours before getting on another plane to California. Whats another 2 hour flight when you’ve already gone 24 am I right?

The final decision to come home and fix my knees here in the states rolled out in only a few days. President happened to be in the office and I started chatting with him about how he was doing, where he was headed next, when he asked me to come in and talk to him. He asked me how I was really feeling and we all know how well I handle that question..flooded his office with tears whoops.
Bless his heart for putting up with me. I told him how stressed out I was that I wasn’t improving, being stuck inside was making my companions lazy, I had to be pushed in a wheelchair up a trail so I could participate in a zone meeting (just wait for those pictures) and I just felt like a complete burden to everyone.
Then he asked me “well, how would you feel if we sent you home to get better?” Of course I said “cannot!”
Then started a giant freakout of being a failure missionary and he had to talk me off the ledge with that one too. President is going to have so many blessings in heaven haha. 
And then he told me as I was hysterically crying “you know sister bourgeois, sometimes you just cant win against the Nephites.” Knee fights. Are you kidding me. I quickly went from histerically crying to hysterically laughing and high fiving president. The guys got jokes. And poor sister rama was outside the office wondering what in the world was going on.

So that was that. President told me a lot of things that day and what stuck out to me most was this. He said yes, we do need to have more faith.  We always need to exercise our faith. But sometimes we also need to use the brains that God gave us and do what’s logical. Go home and get better so you can chase your ten kids around one day.

Hold it right there, Pres. Four anaks. Tops.

So I’m doing what’s logical. I can now get better without being completely stressed out about a companion or the office and just focus on getting better.
Which totally sucks, I already miss Singapore so much and would kill to be back there and healthy right now. In answer to everyone and their dogs question, I don’t know if I will be able to go back. According to the surgeon I saw last week, I have 6 to 8 months of physical therapy to look forward to. I have an MRI on Tuesday that should tell us more. Yikes.

Sister LeBaron would always tell me “when you’re down to nothing, God’s up to something.” Which I hated her for because it’s so cheesy, but maybe it’s true. I do this for a wise purpose right.

So now what. If you have any ideas let me know HA. I didn’t think I had to worry about school, work, real life for another ten months. Surprise!

In other news, being in California is just what the doctor ordered. Lying on the beach trying to get rid of my gross missionary farmer tan and lying on a sailboat when we get tired of the beach is definitely easy on the knees. And I got to hold the tiniest most perfect baby boy so life is good.
It is a little weird being around everyone and they expect the exact same person they left at the MTC. Thats a post for another time though. I am finally starting to sleep at night rather than 6 am to 3 pm, nobody knows what I’m saying when I answer with can or cannot or something in bahasa, and cafe rio is just as delicious as I remembered. But from now on, no rice.






2 thoughts on “Nephites

  1. Sister B! Are you still in Caifornia? if so then I want to see you! It was so great meeting you when I was in Singapore a few weeks ago. I felt an instant kinship with you and we must stay in touch 🙂 Text me at the South OC area code that ends in 9 and 338-0043 xoxoxo

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