Sorry This is Long!

Bonjour kamu semua. Knee how maaaa. get it knee?

Thats what our house is like now. Sister Alfrey got the boot and is in Penang, Sister Tai came in from Kuching (she speaks bahasa, tamil and chinese) and I am companions with Sister Ramahefarivo! My old Malagasy roomie. She speaks French, Chinese and Malagasy which is weirdly similar to Malay. And then there’s Sister Archibald from Idaho haha. It’s a good time over here. Poor Sister ramarama (that means butterfly in bahasa) is sudah going crazy from being cooped up, but we are teaching each other languages and making the most of it.
Sister Opatha moved four floors up and is serving in 1st ward, which is an ex patriot ward so I still see her all the time. Oh and Sister LeBaron is opening an area in West Malaysia that hasn’t had sisters in ten years or something. She’s awesome. She has been either my Sister Training Leader or my companion my whole mission until this transfer. I miss her already! This is her very last transfer. Time flies out here.
Lets see, doctor update. Ayoh. I went to s sports physician and got xrays done. He said I’ve torn my meniscus most likely and have a lack of cartilage and what is there is filled with holes in addition to my hips and IT band pulling my knee cap out of place. Perfect.
But that explains why PT didn’t seem to be helping like it should have. So he scaled everything way back and changed what I do for physical therapy, gave me some gooood drugs and told me to come back in a month for an MRI.
My mission president’s response to that was “howbout we come back in a week” I like your hustle, Pres. So stay tuned for that.
I also went to the chiropractor the day after that because he is a member in 1st ward and adjusts missionaries for free, yay. He had me stand on two scales (one foot on each) to see if my hips were in line. HA my right leg had 9kg (20 lbs) more on it that my left did….so he popped those babies back into place and it hurt so bad. I’m still sore from it. He said if i keep getting adjusted combined with PT I’ll be out of the office in no time. Or in like three months. Slow and steady? He’s awesome though, he served in this mission back when Sri Lanka and Pakistan were a part of it. He taught Sister Opatha’s family when she was like 11 years old!! And he dunked a lot of our now long-time members in the branches I served in Kuching. And now he pops my hips back into place so I can do the same thing. Church is true.
I also started my new job, helping the senior couple run this great big mission from the office. Aduh every missionary should serve in the office to see all the stuff they do for us. It’s fun though, it makes me feel like I have a point in being here right now. Except we were informed that we can only be in the Mission Office for a couple hours a day because technically they aren’t supposed to have Sisters in the office because it’s stereotypical to have women as secretaries. HAHA girls are better at this than boys, facts are facts! So we just work really hard and get a ton done in a few hours and then get back to indexing. ayooooh.
IMG_5312And it was the 4th of July!! Wore red, white and blue..sang every American song my Malagasy companion and I could think of including 50 nifty United States and Party in the USA (what is Miley up to these days?) oh and celebrated with the Singapore Fire Department because some kids pulled the alarm in the office. which was super fun because we were on the 5th floor and the elevators stopped working. By the time we got to the bottom floor I was crying haha. But then we ran into some Elders who were on their way to give me a Diet Coke because they’re ANGELS and I got over it.
We went to a baptism that night too. I was literally destroyed from the stairs and on the verge of amputating my own legs the whole time. The AP’s asked if I wanted a blessing, and I figured it couldn’t hurt. I had’t had one since the day I got hit in Kuching. Anyway, it was one of the coolest experiences of my whole life I think.
Safe to say that may have stressed me out just a little and resulted in me dying my hair dark. whoops. Inabilty to cope with life = drastic change in hair color. Some things never change haha. And the elders trying to not compliment me is so hilarious “woah sister bourgeois were your eyes always that blue?” lock your heart elders. hahah
This is random, but most of the missionaries, elders and sisters alike who have gotten to know tell me at some point they remind me of their sister and they love it. Ever since I got to the MTC and it just happened right now so it reminded me. But it makes me happy because it makes the missionaries so happy. Comel lah.
OH! and yesterday at church I met Elder Coleman’s mom. I met Elder Coleman at Zone IMG_5283Conference a couple weeks ago (the one with really blue eyes in the pictures) when he came up to me and said “Sister Bourgeois, Davis and Ryan’s sister??” they’re my cousins but I’ll claim them as my sisters, who are you?
He and Davis went to school together, so I was at his graduation haha. So was Sister Parcell for someone else. Hilarious. I got to see her this week when she came in to pick up her new missionary fresh off the plane from GERMANY! But anyway, Elder Coleman is solid and serving in Miri as a Zone Leader right now. And I got to meet his mom as she was passing through Singapore!
I found her and hugged her and it felt like I had known her forever. She is so wonderful. She was super concerned about my knees, told me I was pretty and just mommed and hugged me for a minute. Best moment of my week.
Kita semua anak-anak Tuhan. One of the first things I learned in bahasa. The Lord loves us and truly is mindful of us in every situation. He knows exactly how to succor us, how to help us. He knew I was having a rough week and frankly all I wanted was to be at home hanging out with my mom. But my work is not done here, so he gave me a mom for fifteen minutes to tell me to be careful and take care of myself and to keep going because I’m doing the right thing right when I needed to hear it. Sometimes Tuhan just throws you a bone. The mercies of the Lord are everywhere, we just have to look for them.
Sorry this is the longest email of all time. Tu mes manque dan sayang kamu juga
sister bourgeois

One thought on “Sorry This is Long!

  1. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing thrlugh some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it
    and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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