Nama Berita Nuan. Who am I kidding, there’s no Ibans in Singapore.

Greetings from the newest Office Sisters! So…I got word Monday afternoon I was being taken out of my area and moved to the other side of the island with Sister Opatha to work in the office and family history center. Indexing Sisters CAN. The Family History Center is super fun. People are dying to get in there. HAHA. So we moved on Tuesday and live 50 yards from the Mission Office and Stake Center and one MRT stop away from my doctor. It’s not a bad setup. We live with Sister Alfrey and Sister Archibald who are hilarious and it’s such a good time.
Our days are a little different than normal…We still do studies in the morning, except instead of planning our lessons for the day during companionship study it’s foam roller/resistance band/stretching/ice pack time. it’s the worst. Then we eat lunch and go index our lives away. I’m obsessed with it though. Luckily so is Sister Opatha. It’s SO FUN. like fun enough we forget to eat dinner most days because we are locked in the Family History Center and have no clue what day or time it is. The past two days I’ve been doing New York National Guard enlistments from 1900-1950 so both world wars. I swear half of the names I put in were enlisted on December 7, 1941 and they were all SO young. A lot of them went on to serve in other branches of the military soon after joining the National Guard. It made me all patriotic and sad I won’t be home for the 4th of July, my favorite day in the whole wide world.
So I’m telling Sister Opatha how touched I am by these young kids who went and enlisted the day Pearl Harbor happened and so many of them died in the war and how sad and blah blah and she responds with “yeah but it just means we won’t have to share our husbands because there’s so many stand-up dead single guys in the spirit world” HAHA. that’s my companion…
DSCN0661[1] (2)
Another hilarious USA moment this week was the other night when the sisters on the 8th floor and the sisters in our apartment were practicing a song for this weeks Zone Conference…don’t worry I was the only one not involved. Every missionary is good at singing. like reaaaalllyyy good. and I’m over here like hi I can’t read music, C sharp means nothing to me and I don’t know this song because I’ve been Mormon for five minutes…I promise I’m a good dancer? Well I was when I could walk? I never win. The best is when they get all emotional at zone meetings or something and want to sing a primary song and I don’t even have a hymn book to pretend like I know what’s going on. Wow sorry that was a long sidenote.
So the sisters were singing. The hymn was #314 but Sister Opatha heard #340. She looked at it and said “Star Spangled Banner, what the heck is this song?” WHAT? Of course we all started singing it as loud as we could, I assumed my SHS Cheer National Anthem stance and the other sisters quickly stood up and put their hands on their hearts as well. Poor Sister Opatha had no clue what was going on so she just stood up too hahaha. Sister Alfrey accompanied with cymbals and a drum roll, I rallied at the end and said “play ball!” and we all cried a little inside because we miss America. It was hilarious.
Also got to see Sister Rama this week! My old roommate from Madagascar. She was only six weeks in when I first got to Kuching and now she is just killing it. She’s serving on an island off West Malaysia called Penang and she’s working so hard. It was cool not seeing her for a few months and seeing such a drastic change in her. Missions are so good for missionaries.
And also we got told on the MRT “I think Mormons are nice people, they are not cults.” … thank you? Asians are hilarious.
So yeah. Not a lot of missionary work going on here. on this side of the veil at least. Indexing Sisters 4 life. Eternal life. HAHA. But I was on exchanges with Sister Romney this week and she told me to be exactly obedient to my physical therapy since I can’t really be exactly obedient to a ton of other rules. Can. I have two appointments this week and things should only go up since I’m off my feet all day long. Zone Conference is also happening, so I get to see all my Kuching friends today! I’m still here so I’m just as happy as a clam. sayang kamu semua. Jangan nakal
sister bswa

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