Bird Poo and Thai Food

Apa khabar keluargaku yang terkasih,

Happy Monday. I finished the Book of Mormon again. Sister Opatha has been sick…so literally the only time we have left the house was to go to my physical therapy appointments. We are that broken companionship. But weirdly she felt better when our district wanted to go to the Marina Bay light show…the days of miracles have not ceased? HA. Also it had nothing on World of Color and I was sufficiently let down. I miss Disneyland.
IMG_5156 IMG_5162So yeah. Oh wait we did have ONE lesson this week with Ana. And a bird pooped right on my head as we were about to start. So that about sums up my week. And I got to eat thai food. which was delicious. My legs hurt preeettttyyy bad but I think it’s a good hurt. I have bruises on my legs from getting my IT band rubbed out, but I’ve been the best patient and done all my exercises five times a day like I’m supposed to. And because I’ve literally had nothing to do for the last five days. I miss being in Kuching and being out all day and coming home exhausted every night. There is so much work to be done here it’s frustrating to be in every day. But apparently I need a lesson in charity or patience or something.
Anyway. The Book of Mormon is more true every time I read it. Sidenote, now that I’m in Singapore we can check the mail all the time. But nobody sends me mail. Come on people I was the queen of mail in the MTC. What happened?? LOVE ME.
Anyway. I’m looking forward to my companions “recovery” so we can get back to work. There is so much to be done here and I want to do all I can with my time here. Also it’s stressful to be in an apartment with four sisters instead of two. Too loud. Too many hormones. Pray for me. haha. But I’m happy, getting my legs better, just chuggin along over here. Church is true, the book is blue, see you in ONE!
sister b
ps HAPPY WEDDING ASHLIE AND MIKE! So sad I wont be there, but you bet I’ll be eating cake with you on your one year anniversary xoxo

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