Six Months?!

Selamat Bulan June, kawan-kawanku.

Not sure if that makes sense. Who cares, I speak bahasa Ingriss now anyway! Just kidding MTC teachers, I still do language study setiap hari. And use my Malay to talk to Muslims working at the mall who give me great discounts on everything. White girl speaking bahasa gets you “most special deal” every time.
Anyway, it’s already June? like school’s out, wedding season June?? The day before I left I was shoveling Cassie’s car out of two feet of snow in front of my house! Crazy. How are the Dodgers and Sox doing? Time flies. Sudah six months I’ve been a Sister! And in those short six months I’ve put on TEN POUNDS. Count em. Laugh it up, I’m a fat sister missionary. I know its real because they weighed me at the doctor this week so don’t even try to tell me I look the same!
Speaking of doctors, the first thing my PT said to me was “wow this is really bad, had you stayed on your bike another six weeks you would have torn your IT band and needed surgery.” But all is well. So basically, I’m pigeon-toed AS. My hips are so tight and pointing the wrong way that it yanks on my IT band which then pulls my knee out of alignment and hurts like crazy. So it’s really not even my knees that have the problem, it’s all in the hips! She said no running for at least six to eight weeks which almost made me cry – how am I supposed to get rid of ten pounds of Malaysian rice! No stairs, jumping, lots of stretching and no bike riding and I should be good as new. Her reaction was pretty priceless when I told her I had been riding my bike around Kuching telling people about Jesus all day every day.
After talking with her for the next two hours while she “massaged” my legs (CRYING just thinking about how bad it hurt) she was thoroughly impressed with our church and the idea of serving a mission. She said “I can’t think of another organization that has 85000 young people worldwide helping improve people’s lives like that. Tell your parents they raised you up good.” Aw. Thanks mom and dad!
So I can’t wait to baptize her. She has a heart of gold. She became a physical therapist because she grew up living with her grandfather who recovered from three strokes through physical therapy and she wanted to help people in the same way. I told her I felt the same way about the gospel! It’s only a matter of time before she’s dunked. Plenty of physical therapy left to get the lessons in 🙂
When Sister Opatha and I aren’t at the doctor, we’re trying to find people to teach. I’m getting better at contacting – sort of – and meeting a lot of interesting people. Most of them don’t want to know about Jesus, they just try to invite me to a club or their house or tell me they don’t believe in God and don’t want to talk to me. Fine. I got a little discouraged this week about it all. This palce is full of people, there has to be some that want to be happy forever! My district leader basically told me to calm down and keep going. Which is the answer to every panic attack I ever have. Heavenly Father didn’t send me here to fail. There are people who are ready here. We just need to find them one by one. That’s how the Savior ministered anyway. ” They went forth one by one and did see with their eyes and feel with their hands and know of a surety” right? And anytime we try to emulate the Savior, we’re probably doing something right.
So yeah. one by one.
Our one right now is named Ana. She’s from Georgia (the country) and is 23 and getting her PhD in Mathematics. Same…She’s a genius. We had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation with her and it blew her mind. She said it just makes sense. She told us she had been feeling like she is missing or longing for a place or person but she has no idea what it is. When we taught that she lived with Heavenly Father before she came here, she said “That’s SO cool” .. You’re telling me! And we can go back and live with him again! She told us she believes this is what she has been looking for. Are you joking? I told her she has a Heavenly Father and a Savior that love her and want the best for her and so many of her questions were answered. Although she has more questions than anyone I’ve ever met. My favorite one yesterday was “Okay so we are always learning and growing, I like that. So can I still do math in the Spirit World and the Celestial Kingdom?” Sure Ana, do all the math you want. But if anyone tries to make me do calculus after I’m dead I’ll know I ended up in outer darkness. HA.
So yeah. This church is so true. This whole mission thing would fall apart if it wasn’t. Didn’t a Marriot or someone say that if he wanted his business to fail he would send 19 year old boys out to represent it? Luckily we aren’t the ones in charge out here. I just feel so lucky to be a part in blessing people’s lives every day. I’m already sad I only have a year left! If it keeps going like these first six months have, I’ll be home in no time! And probably 20 pounds heavier. AH!! Speaking of going home, The last two Elders from my MTC group went home this week, both because of medical issues. Sad! Who would have thought Sister Booja would be the last one standing?? Oh and Sister LeBaron’s new trainee unexpectedly went home too, so she’s in Singapaore too! Never a dull moment. Anyway, sorry this is long. Pictures are from my last day in Kuching/first day in Singapore. Yes I’m wearing the same outfit. Everything else was packed. Don’t judge. LOVE YOU! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVIS ANN!
sister b

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