Bye East Malaysia!

Nama Berita, nuan.
We had two baptisms on Saturday!!
IMG_5102 IMG_5096 IMG_5107

Whoops I didn’t write last week because I was on a Mothers Day high. SO GOOD TO SEE EVERYONE. And also I was depressed because we had a family of eight drop us the night before. So that was upsetting. And then right before we went to email, Sister Mains called me and told me I wasn’t allowed to bike for a week because of my knees and we had to walk or take taxis everywhere we go. After emailing I was all angry in my head thinking that I can ride a bike and my knees are fine and I shouldn’t have said anything and then I got hit by a car. Whoops. Okay Heavenly Father, you win. I don’t want to ride my bike anymore!!

Jangan risau, it wasn’t even that bad. So basically we needed to make a right turn and cross like four lanes of traffic. Because my knees are broken, I was pretty far behind Sister LeBaron and she was through the intersection before I could even start to get into the right turn lane (which is super wide like a left turn because this whole country is backwards) so I patiently waited on the left side of the intersection for the light to turn red so I could cross in front of the stopped cars. We do it aaaalll the time. But as I turned to do so, a huge truck ran the red raaaaaan the red light and hit me as I was turning out. Oops. Knocked me pretty hard and I flew over my bike and in front of all the stopped cars. Of course he just kept on driving. I laid on the ground for a second and realized I wasn’t dead and got up and moved my newly ruined bike (at least it’s not stolen?) off the road.

IMG_5085 IMG_5084 IMG_5070Then I had a panic attack haha. Sister LeBaron realized I wasn’t behind her and turned around to see me on the ground in the middle of the street so she was FREAKING OUT. Luckily, I was saved yet again by a Muslim angel couple. They are the nicest people here hands down. He came running up to me and started asking me a bunch of questions and then pulled over when the light turned and has Sister LeBaron and I get in his truck with him and his wife and threw our bikes in the back and took us to the doctor.
Oh and literally twenty seconds after we got in his car it started raining SO HARD. Harder than the day we went to Bintawa. Multiple trees fell down in front of us and power lines were falling over and the streets were beyond flooded. It was so crazy. So had I not been hit by a car, we would have definitely been hurt or killed in that ridiculous storm! And say what you want about Muslims, they’ve saved me two times and counting since I’ve been here. It breaks my heart that it’s illegal to teach them here. But that’s why I’m learning bahasa right, somebody’s gotta teach them when we die!

Anyway, I’m completely fine. I have a bruised ankle and a sprained wrist. Thank goodness because the doctors here are…rubbish. Sister LeBaron said “I think she’s in shock she got hit by a car what do we do” and he said “well she looks fine, she probably just needs your support” yahkah. hahaha it was ridiculous.

Oh breaking transfer news!!! I’m headed to SINGAPORE. Yay a place with real doctors! I’m in the CCK ward. Not a clue what that means but I will soon. My companion will be Sister Opatha. She’s from Sri Lanka and is BEAUTIFUL and weighs like 80 pounds. I’ve only met her once but I’m sure she’s wonderful.

IMG_5077 IMG_5061 IMG_5066 IMG_5037 (1) IMG_5001 IMG_5048 IMG_5092And my whole train of thought from before is gone. Whoops. Anyway, worst week of my mission for sure. But, I’m so excited to go to Singapore!! What am I going to do without my Ibans?? Okay gotta go! love you all!!

Oh and one more thing a member spelled my name bswa this week hahahahahaha

xoxoxo sister bswa


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