eternal lice

Hey hey.

Let’s start with a little language study shall we? There are really only two words we use in English that we take from bahasa. I learned this in the MTC so I may have already shared this, but we have orangutang (orang utan means forest people) and cootie which comes from the word kutu. Except for in bahasa, kutu actually means lice.
Kena means hit. When Malaysians see us out in the rain they yell “Sisters jangan kena demum!” don’t get hit with a fever. Their fear of the rain is hilarious. It rains almost every day. Except on Tuesday it was an even worse storm than the one on my first or second day in Kuching. I was actually FREEZING. I haven’t been cold in five months! The rain was painful and of course we were riding to Bintawa which is an hour away. Taught five lessons soaking wet. We probably did get kena demum that day so I should give them a little more credit. Anyway..
So Sister LeBaron was complaining all week that her head was soooo itchy and I told her to get over herself and take a shower because East Malaysia was getting to her. Turns out she’s kena kutu. We woke up yesterday completely fine. I baked a cake for a birthday party (hear that future husband?) and got ready for the day when LeBaron pulls the crawliest bug out of her own scalp. We couldn’t go to church because she had lice. Ew. So I spent literally three hours combing bugs and eggs out of my companions hair. I have a whole new definition of the phrase “nit-picking”… We stopped counting around 40…And then we ate the cake. Whoops. Sorry little Andrew, the fat Sister Missionaries couldn’t come to your birthday party because THEY HAD LICE oh and they ate your birthday cake. hahaha. it was delicious. And just so everyone knows, I have yet to be hit with the lice. I made LeBaron go through my hair and comb out every suspicious looking dandruff on my head. So far so good.
Anyway, this week was great. We have been going knocking with our members whenever we have time between lessons and it’s the most fun thing ever. We don’t even do anything the members get so pumped up about it. So this week we took Niah and followed her around Bintawa and she lit it up. We would never find the people we do without members. She took us INSIDE of a lumber yard. We thought we were going to visit her husband at work or something but no there’s people that live in there. People that are prepared to hear the gospel. We met Amin, who lives in a lumber yard. He became a Christian a year ago only and doesn’t understand why there are so many different Christian churches. Well let me tell you all about it Amin. It was amazing. He was just soaking in every word we said. Oh and his lumber yard has Sundays off work (which NEVER happens) and so he wants to come to church and check it out. what? I swear Heavenly Father just places someone in front of us and is like “here baptize this one” I don’t even do anything. And then we walked out of the lesson in shock and the call to prayer was playing and it was the prettiest sunset and we were in a Malaysian lumber yard. So cool.
In other news I’ve strained my MCL/meniscus so it has been heaven not being on a bike the past few days. Pray I don’t get banished to Singapore and it will be healed! But everything else is great, I get to go around teaching people about eternal lice all day! HA I crack myself up.
Jangan kena kutu!! Sayang kamu semua
sister b

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