A Wise Purpose

Helloooooooo orang-orang putih,

This IMG_4850week was looooooooong. But I was due for one. And it’s over now so onto the next one. LeBaron recovered from her lice and we were finally allowed to leave the house. Yay. And then the next day we went on splits which happens way too much because Sister LeBaron is still the Sister Training Leader so she still has to jaga the other missionaries so I get put with Sister Hales at least once a week. She’s brand new and thinks she’s really good at everything. Maybe she is. Maybe she’s really good at everything except locking bikes. LOL.
The thing that kills me is 20 minutes before I made her unlock and re lock the bikes because she locked them to each other only and not to the fence. and then when I reminded her at our next appointment she gave me some serious sass about it. Turns out she locked her bike to the pole and missed mine…whoops. And of course it happened at Veronica’s house. Have I told you about them?
Soooo we have this family that we’ve been teaching and they are SO GOOD. I love them. They do everything they’re supposed to do except come to church and the excuse they give us is that they can’t leave their house because everything will get stolen….nice I actually haven’t heard that one before. That’s been the excuse for a few months now I think. So we’ve been trying to teach them about faith and like you can’t take your tv to heaven so go to church! Turns out it is a legitimate fear because that’s where my bike was stolen. whooops. baru faham. But I just said “It’s nothing, I can’t take my bike to heaven and now we can all walk to church!” And they actually came to church yesterday! So if it takes my bike to get stolen every week to get someone new to church, that’s fine with me! It hurts my knees anyway.
There happened to be an extra old bike at our apartment so I’m good to go. But you bet that I am in charge of locking bikes wherever we are now hahaaa.
Let’s see what else happened. We were at a family’s house and after they had forced us to eat a huge plate of rice they pull out the little ones wrapped in bamboo and say “Here, Sister it’s glutenous rice!” perfect. just how I like my rice with extra gluten. Someone shoot me.
I’ve been real stressed out being with a new missionary because it’s just made so so clear to me that I have literally no idea what I’m doing out here. I’m only with her one or two days a week and I freak out about it every time. I don’t like being in charge. I have no idea how to be a good missionary or a good mormon it feels like sometimes. I had an investigator ask me “who is Elohim and what is Kolob” this week and I literally didn’t know. I know I don’t need to but what would I have done if I didn’t have a walking Book of Mormon as my companion? So it’s been an anxiety-filled couple of days. What can ya do. Read the scriptures!
My all time favorite is Words of Mormon 1:7 which says:
And I do this for a wise purpose, for thus it whispereth me, according to the workings of the Spirit of the Lord which is in me. And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will.”
I’m pretty sure he’s talking about why he’s writing the plates or something but I feel the same way being out here most of the time. I have no clue why I’m here. There are so many missionaries that are better teachers and better at bahasa and better mormons than me. But the Lord knows all and for some reason he sent me here. I don’t know all the reasons why but I don’t need to either. I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me.
love love love you all so much. ps I’ve been here for five months! five moons as we say in bahasa
sister bourgeois

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