Helloooo apa khabar kawanku.

So I’m officially obsessed with my mission. It happened. I have the greatest life and I never want to come home. Okay that’s a lie, America is still the best and I miss my bed every night I get into mine here. But I have never been happier. I am all moved into my new place in Stompin. Right above the senior couples who give us treats and let us hang out with them before bed every night and it’s the best thing ever. Who am I haha. Anyway it’s a HUGE area in Kuching that has all of downtown and then some. We ride our bikes so far every day and the hills are out of control. I love it so much. I don’t even know where to start. Sister LeBaron is amazing and only awesome things happen to her because she’s the best missionary to ever walk the earth. Besides Jesus I guess. But she’s a close second.

I’ve already met a ton of the members and they love me and don’t call me fat like my old branch hahaha. Maybe I’m already skinnier from how much biking we do every day? Oh did I mention we run EVERY MORNING??? Wow. I knew Heavenly Father loved me. But really. Turns out we are both anxiety-ridden stress cases and must run to deal with our lives. I’m so happy.

We watched conference this weekend and it was fantastic. We watched most of it in bahasa which I was initially stressed about but I actually understood a lot of it (Brother Blissett your translations were obviously the best) I had a moment of like “oh my gosh language study really works” when I was listening to the Prophet’s talk about love. He said “kasih sayang adalah inti pati kehidupan” which means “love is the essence of life”. I had just learned the word for essence the day before and recognized it in the talk but couldnt remember it and flipped back in my notebook and found it – essence! That sounds so dumb as I’m writing it but it was the greatest moment hahah. Sister LeBaron and I decided that we want to “Be thou and example of the believers” this week and have been trying to strengthen our members, families we teach and other missionaries. So when the Prophet told us we just need to love each other, senang hati saya!

Okay so the other night we went knocking in some flats with Rosie, one of our members, and it was SO FUN. I never want to go knocking without a member again. They get so into it and then it’s not scary it’s such a good time. A lot of the people were Chinese so we were hesitant to keep going but Rosie was on a roll. After like an hour, LeBaron and I were tired of getting rejected and yelled at in Chinese but Rosie convinced us to do one more building. No success until the top floor of course when someone finally answered the door. Well peeked out with no clothes on. Okayyy. So he told us to stay right there and he ran and got dressed. His name was Leonard and he let us into his apartment and wanted to know what we were doing in Malaysia. We told him we were volunteers for our church (since we can’t say missionaries) and that we came to teach people about Christ. He told us he had always wondered why there were so many churches in the world and that none of them make sense. I told him I had wondered the same thing when I was learning from the missionaries and they told me to read the Kitab Mormon. As I started to tell him why I loved this book so much, he interrupted me and said “Can I borrow that book for a while?” I basically barfed all over myself and said “I want you to keep it and read it every day!” … bravo sister b. Anyway, it was awesome. We talked to him for a while and had a return appointment when his wife and kids got home and ruined everything! Okay not really but she was a little more skeptical of what we were up to. We’ll get them though! It was aaamazing.

In other news, Sister LeBaron accidentally said “come hear the words from the living rice” instead of the living prophet. nasi, nabi yeah yeaaahhhh it happens.

I hope everyone has the Happiest Easter!!! Send all of the best candy to me, it’s SO EXPENSIVE here and we can rarely find it.

love love love you all!!!

ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIE!! 25 looks good on you

xo sister b


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