“Apa maksud Yesus?”

Selamat Hari Selapas Easter!

The Easter Bunny totally came to our apartment here in Kuching! Well the senior couple dropped off all the Easter candy they could find outside our door. It was adorable.

This week was another CRAZY one with Sister LeBaron just tearing up Kuching. We may or may not have too many people to teach. We’ve had to go on splits with the members and so that meant I was in charge of teaching three lessons on my own to brand new people who hadn’t met with missionaries before…woof. But, when you have no other option but to rely on the Spirit to help you teach, the Spirit teaches!! I’m still amazed I got through it. And that was only one night. Our days have been completely packed and we are working so hard to try to get these families baptized. In two weeks we should have at least 14 people dunked! WHAT?? I’m telling ya, Sister LeBaron is unreal. I’m just along for the ride.

So yesterday I learned why Malaysians never come to church. They always tell us the have to “balik kampung” and it makes me so angry. But we went yesterday and goodness, I wouldn’t go to church either! wait yes I would. It’s like a Malaysian version of having a cabin. But it’s on a rice patty in the middle of the jungle. It’s AMAZING. So pretty and so fun. Just a bunch of Ibans hanging out eating gross food in the jungle. Such a good time.

While we were there yesterday, we met friends of our members and started contacting them of course because we’re missionaries (still weird to me) and we soon found out they had just moved from the middle of the jungle…literally. They are agama-lama and told us they wanted to learn about the church Michael (our member) goes to. We asked them if they were Christian and they said “apa maksudnya?” …what does that mean? So then we asked if they believed in Jesus Christ and they said “apa maksude Yesus” WHAT MEANS JESUS? We were both internally freaking out. But it was so cool. We felt like Ammon asking her if she believed in a great spirit and stuff. It was so cool to see how people just accept the gospel. SHE DIDNT KNOW WHAT JESUS WAS. So then we taught her. Why is my life so cool?

We also met an amazing member named Betty this week. I was scared to meet her because another member said she was angry and we shouldn’t go meet her. But of course we did anyway. Turns out she’s perfect and just needed someone to invite her back to church. We were reading Mosiah 14 with her when it’s quoting Isaiah and she just stops us in the middle and says “Sister I don’t understand this scripture, can you explain it more to me?” Sure perfect student we can. Well actually Sister LeBaron can because I have no idea what Isaiah is saying in English let alone bahasa. So my amazing companion explains the meaning of life to her or something and she stops us again and says “Sister Bujang, you should talk more, it’s a better spirit when the two of you bounce off each other and teach together” okay…who is this girl? it was hilarious. She’s perfect and I’m so glad she’s coming back to church!

Sorry this is so long. I’m turning into one of those missionaries. Someone’s got to? Oh here’s some sad news. Sister Simon (my first trainer) got deported and has been back in Indonesia for the last month and is probably not going to be able to get back into Malaysia. And Sister Bickmore is going home today because she is still so sick!! I’m so sad. That’s 50% of my companions gone in four months! I may or may not be cursing this mission. Hopefully Sister Wynn isn’t next. So today I am extra grateful to be happy and healthy and here in Malaysia and I’m not coming home for 14 more months! Love love love you all

sister b 20140422-075151.jpg20140422-075227.jpg20140422-075218.jpg

20140422-093404.jpg 20140422-075236.jpg 20140422-075143.jpg 20140422-075134.jpg


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