DSCF3973Hey hey orang-orang suci.

So another six weeks have somehow already flown by! I am going to Stampin which is still in Kuching but I’ll be with Sister LeBaron who is basically Jesus she is so perfect. Literally I’m gonna have to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get translated. I’M SO EXCITED. Thank goodness I’m not training. I was a little bit scared for a second. But I can breathe easy! I’m going to be biking A LOT I’m pretty sure. My new area is way farther away. But we’ll see. I’m so happy! Sister Wynn will stay in Sentosa and train a new sister and Sister Parcell is moving to KL. Sad.DSCF3972

This week we got to go to Singapore for Zone Conference and it was amazing. President talked to us about being all that we can be and realizing our potential. It was so cool to see how much he really loves us and cares about us individually. I got to meet everyone who is serving in Sarawak and it was so fun. I may or may not have caught more than one elder while they were saying “Sister Bourgeois is so hot” hahahahaha. poor elders.

DSCF4014Singapore is crazy. It was cool to actually be there for a couple days and see a few cool places there. The whole city is like living in a video game. We started calling it escalator land. You get off the MRT and suddenly you’re in a different HUGE mall. It’s bizarre. It’s a good thing I don’t live there because I would never stop shopping. I do enough damage at City Creek as is.

We also ate at Chili’s again since that seems to be where we all gravitate to, whether in KL or Singapore haha. The dodgers were playing the padres on tv and I literally lost my breath for a second. I wanted to cry I miss baseball so much. Glad to see Puig is still there and Greinke seemed to be pitching well haha. That threw the elders into a whole new frenzy when I knew what was going on in the game hahahah bless their hearts.

Anyway, amazing week. Got to go to the coolest place on earth, learn how to be a better missionary and that my mission president loves me more than I could ever know, ate chips and salsa until I hated myself and now getting put with Sister LeBaron. I’m happy as a clam over here.

DSCF4018Hope you all loved General Conference. We have to wait till next week to get it broadcasted over here and I’ll be watching it in bahasa….so that’s gonna be a good time. Happy happy happy over here. also I bore my testimony in church yesterday and Sister Wynn and a bunch of members said it was the best bahasa they’ve ever heard come out of me. YAY!!!


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