Hello Again!

hello keluargaku,

DSCF3637p day again?? gilaaa. that means crazy. this week has been awesome. fantastic things keep happening to us and i don’t really know why. we had 66 members at church this week which is totally ridiculous and we had five less active families come to church. all we have been doing is reading the Book of Mormon with them. i think sometimes Heavenly Father just throws you a bone.

so monday night we had malam keluarga with our first counselor and it was a huge malaysian karaoke party. hilarious. there’s a song called aku anak kampung. look it up i’m sure it’s on the internet somewhere. it’s now our theme song. it was just a great moment with basically our entire ward haha. i love them all so much.

tuesday we needed to get our bikes fixed and rolled up with our elders to get new tires when this american guy comes out of nowhere and introduces himself. his name was John (the Beloved i’m pretty sure) and talked to us about what we were doing here. he walked inside for a second and then came back out and told us he just bought new tires for all of our bikes. he was super concerned about the rain and the tires and us being safe. we asked why he cared so much about us dorky kids from america and he said he would want someone to do the same thing for his kids if they were far from him. we were blown away. we contacted him but he was about to catch a flight to KL so it was quick. anyway. it was really cool. so now we have new tires and pedal so much faster. not really but its like a little kid with light up shoes am i right?

wednesday night, sister wynn and i found ourselves lost extremely far out of our area. without our bikes. long story for another time. anyway. it was getting late and we were in the middle of nowhere trying to get a taxi. no luck. we finally called one and they said it would be a half hour. woof. suddenly, the friendliest white van you ever saw came rolling up to the intersection. but literally it didn’t look sketchy at all i promise. all four of us sisters looked at each other and knew we were supposed to talk to them. we asked where they were going and they said they could take us to kuching! so we piled in and started back. it took like 45 minutes and turns out they do tours around kuching in this huge van. we found out they were muslim so we couldn’t contact them BUT they did have aku anak kampung so we listened to it on repeat the whole way home. it was amazing hahah we call them our muslim malaikats. loved it.

DSCF3600ok i’m bored of this day by day thing. but the week continued with just weird awesome things happening to us. and then with so many members at church, i was a happy sista.




i miss everyone. i hope you are all doing well. sorry i am the worst at responding, i’m working on it! dengan semua kasih sayang saya,

sister b


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