you can call me queen b!


Apa Khabar orang putih!

That means white people. So. This week was TRANSFERS. Oh my goodness these things are a big deal. It’s like the reaping in the Hunger Games. Just waiting to see if they call your name. So stressful! Ready for the scoop?

First, Sister Simon is leaving me! waaahh. Going to Singapore and covering two wards. gooood luck with that one!
Sister Rama AND Sister Hillier are leaving as well. Hillier also to Singapore and Rama in Kuala Lumpur.
Oh I went to KL for two days this week too! Super fun but a lot of flying and train riding that definitely doesn’t happen in Kuching.
Anyway…my whole house is leaving tomorrow morning so I am officially the new Queen of Kuching!
Which is terrifying because I can barely remember how to get to the chapel and back. But to be fair it takes 30 minutes and we go a different way every time.

My new companion will be Sister Wynn!!!! I am so excited. I met her in Singapore when I first arrived and our first interaction went a little something like this:

W: kamu sangat cantik!
B: I wish I knew what that meant

W (and the APs in unison): it means yyou’re pretty!

B: awkward laugh

Anyway we became instant bffs and I am SO EXCITED to have her finish my training. She has been training in Singapore for three months in English sooo I’m not sure how good her bahasa is. We all know mine is the worst on earth. So it’s about to be a real good time in Kuching.
Also! SISTER PARCELL is moving into my house! Spencer, Corbynn, Cami get excited! We have been trying to meet each other for so long and I literally cannot wait for her to get here. She will be in the English branch with Sister Petitte who speaks French so that will make me feel better when I can’t speak bahasa haha.
So that’s the transfer drama. I’m the most experienced and I literally have no clue which way is up most of the time. Woof. Pray for me people.
Sister Simon and I went to KL this week too for my six week training session, suuuper fun. It was so good to see everyone I came in with! Sister Bickmore was in Miri for three weeks and lost 7 kg and had to move to Singapore and is now speaking English.
WHAT?? Take meee! I volunteer as tribute! Just kidding. but not really. 7 kg??? But she is doing really well now.
My testimony is growing more each day. I am so glad I had this training this week also because I felt like I was going to lose it here. Turns out so was everyone else. Everyone’s testimonies were about how this has been the hardest six weeks of their lives.
Everything we were taught was exactly what I needed to hear and I have been much better this week. We have also just been a lot busier and I think that is a huge part of it, just to keep working hard. So jangan risau, I am all good here.KL is HUGE. The mall is like Gucci, Prada, Kate Spade. In Kuching it’s like Fashion Girl….Cute Cute Fashion…hahaha soooo different. I also got to eat Chili’s and it was literally heaven on earth. Fajitas never tasted soooo good. and Diet Coke oh my goodness. The church is true.

But seriously, it is. We have been working super hard with our less active members and have had record breaking attendance at church! wooohooo. We have four people on date to be baptized in March, and three out of the four are from families we are trying to get back to church! It has been so good. Watching the members say goodbye to Sister Simon this weekend has been emotional. She has been here for seven and a half months and has become a huge part of these members lives. I hope to help them as much as she has during my time here, however long it may be!I am still struggling hard core with bahasa. Okay that’s not true. I just have crazy anxiety about it. Are we surprised? not really. I am sort of excited to not have a native speaker to use as a crutch anymore. I won’t have an automatic translator I actually have to figure it out for myself HA. We’ll see how this goes. Keep your prayers coming my way, I’ll need them more than ever if Sister Wynn and I want to find our way to church!

Dengan semua kasih sayangku,
sister berjuang

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