2 nephi 4

apa khabar semuaaa.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESi have tried to write this email at least 5 times and have erased it every time. this week has been really hard and i’m not sure why. i have been stressed with the language and feel like i am not progressing and just overall more exhausted than i have ever been in my life.

it doesn’t really make sense why i am like this because this week was actually really good as far as lessons go. i taught well, we got our less active members to church, everythings is just moving right along. but i have been struggling to keep going. all i want is to sleep. or go for a rruuunnnn haha. i hate rice. SO MUCH. everyone overdoses on carbs here and it is killing me. a member said to my companion last night (in malay) “she has been here for a month and still cant understand malay, kasihan” kasihan basically means pity on you or sucks to suck hahaha. but i understood her..so i guess that’s good?

but guess what? missions are hard. they’re supposed to be and some weeks you cry during the whole time you have to email. i really need to practice what i preach however. this week we shared 2 nephi 4 with thomas, the one who came to church for the first time after we visted him on chinese new year, and talked about even though we feel inadequate and discouraged to remember in whom we have trusted. i think it starts in verse 15 until the end of the chapter. read it. life changer. i have so much to be thankful for. i am reminded of that every time i walk across some rickety wooden planks into a one room house on stilts to share scripture by our bike lights because there’s no electricity. yet they still feed me so much rice it’s literally KILLING ME. cannot. anyway. i’m so lucky.also the sky in malaysia is the biggest and bluest and most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

xoxo sister booja

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