lets go to the beach

Hello keluargaku,

Sorry I am a little late today, I just had the most amazing day in Bako!! We were there all day and just got back. It was soooo fun. I don’t even know what it really is haha we just got on a bus for an hour and then a sketchy boat for twenty minutes or so and ended up on the coolest beach and went on a crazy hike through the legitimate jungle. I am exhausted. It was so nice to not be wearing a skirt today though. And sit in the sun all day! aaahh I was in heaven. My California blood felt right at home.

This week was really good. I think. Honestly it is so hard to remember what happened every time I sit down at the computer. It has been super hot this week and it makes the days seem so long. OH my goodness. So my first Sunday here, there was a lady who wandered in saying she was baptized a long time ago but didn’t know we had a prophet or temples or a lot of stuff that you should know before you’re baptized haha. I don’t know if I mentioned her before? Anyway, we went to her house this week with our Elders and Sister Hillier because Sister Rama had to go to Singapore for a visa run. Anyway. It was literally ten miles away. It was insane. We were soooo far into the jungle and there were SO many hills. Probably because we had Elder Hill and Sister Hillier am I right? lolol I crack myself up. Anyway it was ridiculous and we had a mission hangover from it the next day. Useless for like half the day and literally could not move. We got eaten alive from the nyamok out there too and Sister Mag made us eat SO MUCH FOOD. Not that that’s anything unusual but after so much biking I just wanted to barf. So that was a good time.

Other than that, we have still been teaching Fifi but are having a hard time keeping her attention. There are a lot of distractions whenever we are at her house, she actually got up and left during our lesson the other day because she had to take her sister to school? She never came back. We know most of her family that happened to be there, so we just taught them instead haha. Then Fifi said she was going to kampung and couldn’t come to church, but when we invited her sister to go the next day, she was with Fifi in our area still! Sneaky. We’ll get her next week.

Sorry I’m boring this week. I am seriously so exhausted from Bako. I can’t wait for you to see the pictures it was so gorgeous! Sister Simon lost her shoe on the boat ride back, but other than that everything went smoothly. I handled the hike like a champ thanks to my huge butt and thighs thanks to biking. I hate my life.

Oh we brought Belinda along this week too, she is 19 and seriously the cutest little Malaysian you ever saw. One of my teachers at the MTC baptized her family and she is getting ready to go on a mission. She’s awesome and has such a strong testimony. She is helping me with my Malay a ton too. It was so cute because we asked her where she would want to go if she could choose where to serve and immediately she said “Salt Lake!!” haha every US missionary’s worst nightmare! Way to go Brother Simon, you baptized a good one!

I hope everyone is doing well at home. I’ll soak up all this Malaysian sunshine for you. I feel your prayers when I am overwhelmed, I feel so lucky to have so many people rooting for me and these crazy Malaysians. Saya sayang kamu semua! love love love

sister b


One thought on “lets go to the beach

  1. Hi my beautiful a
    Amazing princess. It seems like yesturday I was making you princesscostumes! You make me as o proud. Someone told me that the most amazing thing. To do in Singapore is to eat breakfast with the orangatangs?? at the Sinngapore zoo. Sounds intersting! I love youand my heart swells ever time I think of you. My favorite picture is the one of you flippjng me off. Love you like crazy…Grandma

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