Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!

Another P Day already? Time flies. I’ve officially been out two months! I have eaten so much food this week I cannot even tell you. I may or may not develop some bulimic tendencies to deal with it. Kidding. Kind of. HA. Anyway. Kuching is the best place to be for Chinese New Year. There are few things that make me happier than fireworks. And they were going until 2 am in literally every direction as far as you could see. The view from our apartment was awesome. I have never been more overwhelmed in my whole life. Fireworks EVERYWHERE. It was the best thing ever. That whole day was awesome actually. It rained really hard in the morning during our studies and I was dreading going out and getting drenched. But just as we were getting ready to leave it cleared up and then it was perfect all day! We rode over to our area and all the housed over the river had been flooded. We helped some members move some of their stuff and hang it higher until the water went down. I wish I had my camera with me it was the craziest thing. Then we had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Fifi and a couple less active members. I love them. And then we ate at this little romly burger stand and an extremely drunk guy bought our dinner for us. Win.

The next day was member after member after members house with a ton of food. It was torture. Thank goodness we had our elders with us because they totally picked up my slack. Like there’s only so much duck and seaweed and layer cake I can eat in one day. But the Chinese go all out! It was extremely fun. We visited the second counselor in our branch presidency that night. He has been inactive for six months or something. We got to know him and shared scripture with him and he was so awesome. Then he took us to his brothers house around the corner where everyone told me I looked like Katy Perry and Jennifer Anniston…Thank you but they don’t look alike and I don’t look like them haha. They go crazy for white people. Anyway, he came to church yesterday and it was SO COOL. He bore his testimony about “four angels” that came to his doorstep and just showed that we cared about him. His testimony is so strong and he said he is back for good. He will be so good for our branch to have! We also had Fifi at church! But her little boy was not a fan of primary or sitting in sunday school so she skipped out early. But she is coming to Brother Thomas’ (second counselor) house with us tonight for Malam Keluarga (fhe) so hopefully that will go well.

Oh we also went on splits this week. I was with Sister LeBaron and she is probably the best missionary on earth. Made me feel super inadequate. But I love her so much. Like she didn’t even try, she just said everything perfectly and brought the Spirit like it was no big deal and moved everyone to tears wherever we went. She rocks. And I got us lost a good four times in one day because I had to lead her around and I still have no clue where anything is. Roundabouts make me want to die. But we made it safe and sound, just burned a few extra calories on the way. Thank goodness, the amount of Malaysian fried carbs I have consumed here is out of control.

OH MY GOSH. and I fell off my bike SO HARD this week hahahaha. It was the day of Chinese New Year and we were headed home for the night. Once again, there were fireworks everywhere. As if 36 straight hours of them weren’t enough, I was trying to watch them while riding home. Most of them were hidden behind trees or buildings which was super upsetting. But then we were next to this open field for a good 45 seconds and I was just begging for a good firework that I could see. Not looking in front of me for who knows how long. Before I knew it I was rolling down a hill of that grass that’s like quicksand. I’ve never seen anything like it until I got here but it looks like innocent grass until your whole leg just disappears. So you know it’s just crawling with snakes or something disgusting. Oh and a lizard fell out of the air con in relief society yesterday. like someone just kill me. anyway. I fell hard haha. The best part was Elder Hill was right behind me videoing the fireworks and I’m pretty sure he got the whole thing on his camera. I hope he did hahaha. All is well, though. I have a huge bruise on my leg but that will go away. Unlike the bug bites that never stop coming. once upon a time I had pretty legs. And like I’ve only been here for two weeks. I can’t even picture what I will look like in 16 more months. Brace yourselves.

I think that’s all the exciting stuff. Oh I had a real durian for the first time. it was weirdly delicious. also I ate rice with my hands at this Indian place. gross. Other than that, just biking around Kuching building the kingdom am I right? love love love to everyone

sister booja


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