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HI! Malaysia is the craziest place on earth. I may have mentioned that before. Things have only gotten more wild the longer I’ve been here. The weather has actually been fantastic this week. Apparently it snowed in Indonesia?? And so that’s why it’s been perfect San Clemente-esque weather here (Davis and Ryan I miss you) Actually today it is super hot. But this week has been so great and barely any rain!

Have I told you about my roommates yet? They are a riot. Sister Simon, my companion, is from Jakarta and is probably the kindest person I have ever met. Literally every time I turn around she has cooked something or given me something or is asking what she can do for me. It is so nice to have someone always looking out for you. We were talking about how weird it is going to be when we don’t have companions anymore. I love being alone more than anyone in the entire world and I am already so used to always having someone with me that I freak out if she is gone. Mostly because she falls. a lot. it’s hilarious but like she trips and falls and rolls her ankle at least once a day. or falls off her bike or something crazy. Never a dull moment with her haha.

Then we have Sister Hillier from London and Sister Ramaa from Madagascar. The most opposite personalities I have ever met and absolutely hilarious to watch them interact with each other. English is Sister Simon’s second language and Sister Ramaa’s third (we can speak French together!) so the English mistakes have me laughing so hard all the time. And they have so many hilarious questions about what Americans do for this and that and what kind of phrases they use. My personal favorite was from Sister Ramaa this week saying “they told me something about the strikes and you go off?” three strikes and you’re out. it’s a good time here in Sentosa.

Sister Simon took me contacting for the first time this week and it was nuts. We talked to a lot of people. Met one guy named Star who was about to kill one of his chickens when we came up to him. So he just sharpened his knife as we introduced ourselves….k bye! There are chickens EVERYWHERE. And they’re so loud. Anyway, we didn’t really think that anyone wanted to listen to what we were saying and the next day one of the people we talked to called us! Her name is Fifi and she’s married with a two year old boy. She’s adorable and we had a really good lesson with her. She’s Anglican but not active and was really interested in everything we were teaching her. I mean Sister Simon was teaching her and I bore my testimony haha. I suck. But one day I will be good! Actually my bahasa is already coming faster and faster and it’s only been a week. Pretty much every house we go to I get picked to pray (kami mahu orang baru – we want the new person LOL} so I have been working on my vocabulary to make the prayers actually applicable to what is going on around us hahaha.
Other than that, just typical Malaysian madness. I am getting good at riding in traffic now. It’s still terrifying and I scream every time we get to a roundabout but I’ll get over it one day. I am so tired every day and when the alarm goes off it feels like I never went to sleep but somehow we all just keep going! We are going to waterfront today. Apparently it’s a two hour bike ride? Naturally I suggested we get a taxi. Princess Bourgeois wins today! Everything is great here. It was really cute in sacrament yesterday one of the members told me that even though I am far away from my family, I have a Malaysian family who is taking care of me because we’re all one big family anyway and we need to take care of each other. And I understood it! Anyway, I hope all is well at home. LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!
sister b

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