Welcome to Malaysia!

photo (2)Apa Khapbar! Holy smokes. This place is absolutely crazy. I cannot even believe I am actually here. I’m currently in the sketchiest internet cafe on the face of the earth. It’s pitch black and there’s just asians playing video games everywhere. Apa Hal.

Ok where do I even start. Well, we got here safely! After I don’t even know how many hours on planes, I got to Singapore and met President Mains and his wife. We were so tired but they had an orientation for us that I literally don’t remember I was so far gone. Then the next morning they told us where we were serving. After they asked two of us to give a talk on the Holy Ghost with no preparation of course. One Elder and one Sister. One Elder and one Sister. Of course I got picked, why wouldn’t I? It must be the blue eyes or the crazy last name because I somehow get selected every time. Whatevers. So after that, I found out I was going to KUCHING! It means cat in Malay. Meow. My companion’s name is Sister Simon and she is from Indonesia, so my bahasa is about to get real good. She is super nice but English is her second language, so sometimes when she doesn’t know the English word for something she’ll say the Malay word..which I most of the time don’t know..and then we just struggle all day. So it’s a good time.

So everyone remembers the “hilarious” joke I told at my farewell about riding a bike in a skirt in the rain through the jungle? Yeah that’s my life. to a t. Day ONE it is dumping on us, just pedaling along in my church clothes like it ain’t no thang..dodging chickens and getting chased by dogs. what. OH and the roundabouts. This place is so crazy it turns from a jungle to a five lane roundabout where everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road back to a jungle again in five seconds. That’s about how my relationship is with the weather here too. love HATE love hate love hate. hahaha. Our branch is about 45 minutes away on a bike and it was probably the heaviest rainstorm of all time when we were on our way there. Waterproof mascara does not apply to Malaysia fyi. So we got to church and I was literally ringing out my skirt. it’s fine.

The branch is on the 5th floor of some random building. It’s so crazy. There are only about 50 members there. But they were SO EXCITED to meet me. haha I felt like a celebrity. I loved church. It’s crazy that I felt most comfortable when they were singing hymns in a language that was completely foreign to me six weeks ago. But that was the most familiar thing that happened all week. and I loved it. Shoutout to my mtc teachers I MISS YOU. And then they made me go up and introduce myself in Malay of course. Basically it was “Selamat pagi, nama saya Sister Bourgeois, saya berasal dari mana America. Saya belum tidak pandai bahasa melayu, tapi Sister Simon sangat pandai! Saya suka gereja ini sebab America ialah sangat berbaza dari Malaysia, Roh Kudus sama. Saya sangat gembira berada disini dan saya sangat basa!!” they all loved it. it literally took me all three hours to dry off and then when we rode home it was raining even harder. Pretty sure I saw Noah and his ark floating around the roundabout. I wanted to cry so instead I laughed at how ridiculous my life has suddenly become. I have no idea how I am going to do this every single day. My butt is going to fall off it is so sore and I literally fear for my life every time we get to the busy street. But I just pray all day long that I will be safe. So far so good!

All the members I have met are amazing. They are so humble and have nothing. literally. but they just keep feeding us these weird crackers and milo (hot chocolate) even though its a million degrees outside. and they don’t stop. and then we go to the next house and the same thing happens. it’s crazy. like I cannot eat this much. But somehow I do! I just feel so bad because they are giving me so much and they have nothing. And even though I can’t speak their language well they are full of love for me. I feel so lucky to be here. It’s already the hardest thing I have ever done but I know I am going to love it here. Saya sayang kamu semua

Sister Bourgeois

ps is is HILARIOUS to listen to them struggle with my name. sister booja is what it comes out as. apa hal.


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