Apa Khabar!

Apa Khabar!

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I’m literally drawing a blank as to what happened in the last week. It has FLOWN BY! My P Day is on Wednesday now because they completely changed our schedule, so there’s that. Which is unfortunate because I leave here next Tuesday…and by the time I get to Singapore it’s Thursday and then I don’t get a P Day till Monday! If that made any sense..
Anyway. I have less than a week here! I have learned so much this week. Everything is starting to stick now I feel like. We are teaching all the time and have had a streak of five or six reaaalllyyy good lessons. It’s so nice.
Fast Sunday was really cool here. In the real world, Fast Sundays consisted of me going to church at nine, normally realizing it was fast Sunday halfway through my breakfast. Convert problems. Then I would be so hungry and not know what to do with myself that I would end up at Ashlie’s ward until 430 and then we’d race back to my house and eat everything in sight. But I learned this week that fasting actually works when you do it right. Who knew.  Lots of pictures after the break.
 We had a big conference in the morning that was literally an answer to my prayers. The end of last week was hard for me because I get so frustrated trying to figure out what I’m trying to teach in English that there’s no way I can say it in Malay. Just zero confidence in anything that I was teaching other than my testimony or other personal insights. So one of my teachers has been going over doctrine with me during personal study every day. He’ll teach me and then make me teach it back to him kind of stuff. Sounds dumb but it has helped me so much already in feeling more confident about what I’m saying. Because if I know what I’m trying to say in English, I have no problem translating it into Malay. So I’m working on that.
Anyway, the conference was a bunch of talks right in a row of exactly what I needed to hear. One of the guys in the MTC Presidency talked about his mission to Tonga. He came from a less active family and didn’t even know that the Pearl of Great Price existed until he got to Tonga. Amen Brother! He said he wanted to go home and told God that he would stay and be as obedient as he could but God had to make up the rest. He knew right off the bat he couldn’t do it on his own.
That’s exactly how I felt! A lot of missionaries in my zone have talked about being humbled and they came in here knowing everything and blah blah..I knew I didn’t know anything coming in here.
So my mission motto has officially become “fake it till you make it”
If I don’t feel confident in what I’m teaching, pretend that I am. Our faith is strengthened every time we step out of our comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens am I right?
I had spend a lot of time praying for the faith to rely on Heavenly Father. I feel like I am gaining a greater testimony of that and I feel like it is growing so fast!
Anyway. I could go on and on about Sunday. It was the best. Since then our lessons have been going well, we are learning and retaining so much more in Bahasa and just trying to soak up as much as we can before we go!!
Today has probably been the craziest P Day ever. We went to the temple at 7 this morning because it’s FINALLY open again. It was so fun to go with our whole zone. I am getting really sad as I realize I have to leave them soon. Also we ate at the temple so it was that much more delicious because we weren’t at the MTC haha.
Then we got to host the new missionaries today! Super fun minus the fact it was snowing so hard the entire time. It’s so weird that I’m the old one on campus, I feel like I got here five minutes ago!
Anyway, I have A LOT to do since this is my last P Day before I head out. Saya sayang kamu semua!
xo sister bourgeois
ps I see Sister Ingram all the time! She is doing great and loves it here and is just so adorable I can’t even stand it. Except Cassie I wish you were here to translate for me!
Oh fun fact. We fly to LA on the 14th at night, then fly from there to Hong Kong and by the time we get there it’s 6am on the 16th…Who needs January 15th? not us. We also met a few missionaries who are going to Singapore with us but they’re speaking English so they got here a week ago! Lucky brats. Just kidding. I am so thankful for the time I have had here. I can’t even imagine how lost I would be if I only had 10 days here. I have already learned so much! I sort of wish I had another three weeks…or that I could just take my teachers with me LOL
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