Sorry for Being a Huge Spaz

So July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov spells JASON!  That’s awesome!

Sorry for being a huge spaz.  My first Pday email session flew by mostly because I had a million to open and only and hour to respond.  I tried!  Let me tell you more about my companion and my zone.  Sister Bickmore is so nice but I think she’s definitely scared of the ridiculous amounts of hair/beauty product I brought with me!  My zone is basically made up of all tough languages.  We have the Greeks, Armenians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Georgians, Malagasys, and us the Malaysians.  I love every one of them.  Pday is probably the best thing ever invented.  I’ve never been more excited to do laundry in my entire life!  Except the dryers don’t work so most of my clothes are strewn all over the room still.

I got dress-coded at the gym for my huge, completely modest, boyfriend fit sweat pants because they said “Victoria’s Secret” down the leg.  Like should I change into my lulu running leggings because that’s all I’ve got! Can’t win haha!

Gym time is the best time though.  I literally run around the track until they’re dragging me out.  It’s one of the small indoor tracks where 10 times around is a mile…woof!  I’m dizzy just thinking about it but it keeps me sane.  That and oils!  I love you Lindsay!

I saw Sister Glauser like my second day and I see here all the time.  Korea/Singapore…we’re basically neighbors.

Oh, I’ve taught five lessons in Malay already.  How have I not mentioned this?!  It’s so hard.  I accidentally told him that we would be baptizing him in the Temple.  Oooooops.  I try so hard though.  Also they do this sneaky thing where you get completely stressed out about teaching this “investigator” and we teach him in broken Malay for a week.  And he walks in yesterday like it’s nothing and he’s OUR TEACHER.  What?  I was so embarrassed.  Now he knows exactly how bad we are at Malay haha.  Also I found out his name is Brad Horman, went to Skyline and we live right next to each other.  I was dying.

I’ve been reading in James and Enos and the Joseph Smith History section in the back too.  It’s amazing, I have so much to learn.

I have definitely been feeling the love this first week.  Thank you!  I feel so lucky to be here no matter how hard the language is or how inadequate I feel at times compared to the other missionaries.  I know this is exactly where I need to be right now.

saya tahu geneja yesus kristus orang suu zaman ahkir itu benar.

saya sayng kamu,

janga nakal!

Sister Bourgeois


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