Apa Khabar!
I made it two weeks. This place is a time warp. I feel like I’ve been here forever. I leave in less than a month for Singapore and Malaysia! WHAT. Sometimes I forget I’m going to actually leave here. One of our teachers showed us pictures of where he served and I think it hit me that I’m going to LIVE THERE. It’s beautiful. I’m so excited.
This week was harder than the first. I cried in class on Saturday about the language. It was hilarious though. Basically we were teaching a lesson to one of our teachers who was acting as an investigator. And I got so scared that I would say barely anything haha. So I would tell my companion what to say and she would say it. Then afterward when we were getting feedback, my teacher goes “Sister Bourgeois, you’re much better at the language. The leg up your companion has on you is that she opens her mouth.” ok. Then later my other teacher says “I know you’re the only one who understands what I’m saying, but you won’t say anything until I look away, I’m onto you but I’ll keep your secret that you’re good at Malay.” HAHA what am i? So I was crying and laughing at the same time because that’s ridiculous. Why would I not speak if I understand what’s going on. Because I’m CRAZY that’s why. Strangely, an hour after I cried in class we were conveniently having a lesson on ‘stress management’…k. what brought this on I wonder.
Lots of pictures after the break.
HAHA. then yesterday, similar situation. except no foreign language was involved. just straight lost it when I didn’t know the answer to something. Flooded the room and everyone had to swim out. It’s really hard to be a convert in here. I constantly feel like I’m playing 20 years of catch up on scripture mastery and just gospel knowledge in general. Everyone tells me I have my testimony and that’s all that matters but I don’t think so.
All I know is the church completely changed my life. I can only draw off the last two years of craziness I’ve gone through with the church in my life. I can use my experiences to relate to some people but not everyone. So I guess I just feel stuck sometimes. But i guess some people will find doctrine more helpful in their conversion, but the walking scripture mastery elders doesn’t know what it’s like to give up everything you’re used to in order to follow Christ. I don’t know. There was a devotional this week about spiritual gifts. I think mine is love. That’s what it says in my patriarchal blessing anyway. I know if I just focus on loving the people I meet that everything will be okay. Deep down I do know that. It’s just very hard for me to deal with not being the best at everything haha.
Anyway. there were some really good days this week too. like really good. The language came easily and I felt so happy to be here. At the end of every day no matter how bad it is, I’m happy to be here.
i saw Sister Rasmussen this morning on my way to breakfast!!! She looked beautiful as always and she, Sister Glauser and I will try to all meet up and get a photo shoot off to you! Skyline Sisters taking over the MTC whaaat
Let me tell you more about this ridiculous place I’m about to live.
I found out there’s no avocados in Malaysia. which is upsetting. but everyone says the fruit is to die for. So I’m looking forward to that.
also found out that the ‘eat with your right hand wipe with your left’ is not a joke…sorry what?
and they eat everything with their hands. of course they do. and we teach lessons on the ground. because chairs are too mainstream for Malaysians.
OH here’s something hilarious. I was frustrated in class and we could only speak Malay.
me: “UGH this is so hard. how do you say struggle?”
teacher: berjuang
me: Bourgeois?
ok. Sister Struggle over here. It couldn’t be more perfect. or more depressing hahah.
also I was looking something up in the dictionary and found the word blog. the definition it gave me was : laman web yang mengandungi maklumat tentang sesuatu subjek.
calm it down Malaysians. calm it down.
anyway. all in all I love it here. I learn so much every day. It’s a rollercoaster but it’s okay. Thank you to everyone who has written. I haven’t gone a day without something in the mail and it feels SO GOOD. keep it coming. make my day. It seriously makes a huge difference. Seriously, DEAR ELDER. I cannot stress it enough. The owls even drop them off and everything. Oh wait no Elder Watson from Kansas who can’t say his “r’s” says “anothow lettow fow sistow bourgeois”
where am I hahaha.
saya sayang kamu!!!
jangan nakal


Sister Bickmore & Sister Bourgeois



Sister Fredriksen from Denmark (Bailee adores this sister)


The Singapore Sisters!


Sister Bickmore is learning to adjust to the spunky Sister Bourgeois… Heres proof of the companionship they have!


2 thoughts on “SISTER BERJUANG

  1. I love this, Bailee … Evidently, you don’t BERJUANG with writing. Keep the stories coming so we can stay connected to you. LOVE & #ffo

  2. Sister bourgeois,

    We don’t know each other or anything but I did meet a good friend of yours this last semester at the U Ashlie. I was on her Instagram and browse around and stubbled on your blog. I just wanted to leave you some of my experience and hopefully it may helped you out. I felt like I needed to so I hope it helps you on anyway. Also that it is not to weird of me to do so.

    About four years ago I joined the church went from a Buddhist to Mormon. I’m the only member still into whole entire family. I’m 23 now and joining the church was hard but my parents came to accept that.

    I frist never wanted to go serve a mission but I’m sure like you god has his plans for us. I toldy parents that I was going to go serve and my dad last words to me were “if you leave this house to do this, then don’t ever come back to this house.” I left.

    In the mtc I feel the same way you do. I never went to primary, young men or seminary. Satan was working hard he wanted me to give up and go home. I say in lessons and never shared anything but how I converted to the church. The only thing I had was my testimony. I didn’t even know Christ came to the America until I was told that in the mtc. I remembered I prayed and told god I’m going to go home I give up. But elder holland came and shared this with me John 21. Change everything in my mission. I left the mtc not knowing anything still. I didn’t understand all the doctrine or the scriptures, but I had my testimony.

    I came out into the mission field and I worked hard to catch up and eventually god taught me everything I needed and wanted to know about everything. I just know a few things that may help you get through the rough time one is always do your best everyday which if you felt you did all that you could that day then it’s good with god he will pick up the rest. Two is to make your weakness your strengths.

    It’s tough being a convert to this church but god had us join later then sooner in life for a reason. Always look at your life what you went through and what you learn and you will find some way to touch everyone you come in contact with. I hope this some what helps and sorry that it is super long. If you ever need anything or have any questions you can e-mail me. And my name is My. I wish you the best sister and may god be with you.

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