Apa Khabar, kawan-kawan!!
Holy smokes. I made it a whole week! It feels like I’ve been here for months. They’re right when they say the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.
We learn SO MUCH every day. I am constantly learning the language or learning how to teach. It’s exhausting. More emotionally than anything. But by the end of every day I am so happy I am here.
Lets see where do I even start.
My companion!
Her name is Sister Bickmore. She’s my age thank goodness and goes to BYU-I. She’s going to be a teacher and she knows way more about the gospel than I do. I think that can be said about anyone here though haha.
We get along great. She is quiet which is refreshing compared to our rambunctious 18 year old elders in our zone. Bless their hearts. They always have me in tears from laughing so hard though so I won’t complain too much.
I had to speak in sacrament on Sunday…unexpectedly. They just pick names and you go up and talk for 5 or 10 minutes. Everyone told me none of the newbs would get picked and of course they read two elders names who had been there for six weeks and it was their last sunday..and mine. ok
so I got up there and talked about the atonement like it was no big deal and then two days later find out HE READ THE WRONG NAME. I wasn’t supposed to speak he just couldn’t see the paper and read from the wrong spot. ok. so that was fun.
My teachers are amazing. They have all served in Malaysia. obviously, who else speaks Malay haha. The language comes easily some days and some are just impossible. It’s so frustrating. But I have to remind myself I’ve only been here a week. The language will come.
My teachers and the elders in my zone think its hilarious to lie to me about what Malaysia is like. And I fall for it every time. They told me we didn’t have beds, we eat giant rats and there’s a fungus that everyone gets called ‘the funk’
turns out the funk wasn’t a joke. I nearly cried. Apparently you get it from the humidity (mom, now we know why it said to bring anti-fungal cream in my packet)
and if you don’t shower twice a day…fungus grows on you. ew.
Naturally, the whole zone sings “she’s got the funk..gotta get that funk” to me all day long.
Let me be clear. I will not get the funk. I can’t deal.
the food is awful. i eat toast for breakfast and a banana. and celery and soup for lunch and dinner. sometimes grapes too if i’m feeling crazy.
but don’t worry i always have chocolate and treats to keep me from starving. but i’m not about to eat anything they serve there that’s not a fruit or vegetable haha.
oh and even though theres “no flirting” these 18 year olds cant deal with the Bourgeois blue eyes. so many have awkwardly asked me if i wear contacts and just STARED. and then its like yeah i do because i’m beyond blind but thats not what you’re asking so no they’re not colored and i’m awkward.
the best one so far has come from Elder Kumar straight from India who came up to me for the first time saying “woah your eyes are TRIPPY…it’s like gettin stoned and lookin at a chick”…ok
like where am I.
Other than that, things are great. Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who has written, emailed, sent packages (seriously my mom is THE best) they mean the world.
Keep the dear elders coming! They make my whole day. if you don’t know how to do it go to and figure it out. pleeeeaasseeee. I love you all so much. I’m too busy most days to miss you haha
but I love you to the moon and back!!!
saya sayang kamu
janga nakal
sister bourgeois

So thursdays are like the new christmas for the rest of us who have been waiting on Sister B to have a PDay but sounds like things are going great! I got to talk to her for a second via email while she was on and it was awesome to finally get to hear from her!! Keep up the letters if you can cause they say everyone does great the first little while and then things fade and aren’t as consistent. So being able to send letters as much throughout the next 18 months I am sure will be greatly appreciated!!

Also for those who need it her email is


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